Our Mission


In Uganda, a central African country of about 33,000,000 people, there are 3 million orphaned, homeless children. The country has fertile land, mineral and water resources yet ruinous dictators and the worst AIDS outbreak in Africa have fractured the society and brought the country to its knees. The children, being the most vulnerable, are destined to suffer the most. For many of these youngsters, the future is no further away than the next bite of food they can find. Scavenging for something to eat or wear from the dumps becomes essential for their survival. Daily they face the risk of death from starvation, contaminated water, AIDS, malaria, and many other diseases without any medical care. But there is hope. With your help we can make a difference, one precious child at a time.


Children deserve to have a home - a home that provides a safe, loving environment where they can be cared for and nurtured in an extended family setting. This is what African Children's Charity of Arizona (ACCA) provides to every child under our care.

Two dedicated care givers, ”Grandmother" and “Auntie,” look after the physical and emotional welfare of the children and help each child to become a member of the family. The children are educated in a Christian boarding school and are encouraged to take advantage of educational and personal experiences to become solid citizens who will give back to their community and country.

More than 92 cents of every dollar received goes directly to caring for the children - we don't waste a penny! Our only expense is for the salaries paid to our Ugandan director, and the ladies, Grandmother and Auntie, who care for the children.


ACCA is committed to rescuing orphans and providing each child physical, emotional, and spiritual love and support, safety and physical well-being, medical care, education through high school, and guidance to become a productive member of Ugandan society.